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AvidXchange Create-A-Check Support Services

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Download our AvidXchange Create-A-Check Support Services product sheet!

AvidXchange Create-A-Check Support Services product sheet

What's Inside

AvidXchange’s commitment to providing support for your system starts from the time of purchase and continues throughout your day-today operations. Our exceptional products are designed to streamline your payment management processes, combined with timely, accurate, and courteous service, offer you the type of solution that is essential for your expanding business needs.


Your technical support issues receive top priority and are addressed first during regular business hours by our support staff from
our Salt Lake City, Utah headquarters.
MICR Testing
Quarterly MICR document testing ensures that checks you print meet ANSI X9B and American Banking Association (ABA)
standards, keeping your check process error-free through the national check processing and routing system. Without an active
support agreement this service costs $100.00 per test.
Supporting Business Growth
AvidXchange understands that your needs change as your business grows. Necessary changes in checking accounts or new accounting
software create an evolving computing environment that may require upgrades or additional support. For these reasons, Piracle
offers a technical support agreement specifically to meet your expanding business needs.
Protecting Your Assets
When you adhere to our Safe Payment Practices™, Piracle systems are your best guarantee against loss due to fraud, forgery or
alteration. Call your sales consultant for more information on how you can protect your business assets.
Support Agreement Pricing
Your support agreement pricing is determined by the version of Piracle software you use and the terms under which you purchased
it. Please contact your sales consultant for the pricing associated with your new system.