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8 Powerful Ways to Convince Your CFO to Automate AP Processes

Paint a picture for your CFO and learn how to make a persuasive case for your company to automate AP processes.
Cover of Financial Pros to Convince CFOs to Automate Accounts Payable Processes

What's Inside

As a financial pro, you may believe it’s time to convince your company’s CFO that your company needs to automate its accounts payable (AP) processes and payments. In this Ebook, you’ll find out what types of data, metrics, and insights to present to your CFO to make your case to automate AP – in other words, what will resonate.

This report will also help guide you on how to speak the CFO’s lingo strategically. You’ll learn powerful techniques to think through how automating AP syncs with your CFO’s strategic goals and find out how to come best prepared with answers to tough questions.

Download the report and also gain further insights into:

  • – Your CFO’s current top-of-mind concerns, especially your company’s cash flows
  • – The dramatic cost reductions using paperless AP automation versus manual paper processes and
  • – How to craft a compelling punchline for your CFO about the return on investment the company will gain by automating AP

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