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12 Ways Automation Can Improve Your Workday

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What's Inside

As an AP professional, you’re always working against time. Wouldn’t it be nice to stay ahead of the clock for good? Your company could save thousands of dollars tied up in the paper process, but one of the biggest savings will be time.


With automation, you can easily eliminate repetitive and time-consuming tasks like opening and sorting invoices, manual data entry, and waiting for interoffice mail or overnight courier for approvals. Automation reduces the invoice approval time from an average of 28 days to 2.7 days. Think of all the tasks you could accomplish if you weren’t busy copying and scanning files to archives, searching for lost or misplaced invoices, and fielding inquiry calls.

Top performers are adapting to the Digital Era by implementing e-invoicing, the first step in a paperless payment automation process to streamline payables from start to finish. Because invoices typically are received after products have been purchased, there’s a lack of visibility into the budget and spend.