Business Spending Report


See where middle market companies are increasing or decreasing their spending in this state of the industry snapshot from data captured through the AvidPay Network.

Middle market businesses provide more than just a small snapshot into the larger economic market. These companies represent one-third of private sector GDP and employ approximately 48 million people.

In this state of the industry snapshot, we reveal how middle market companies in our AvidPay Network are increasing or decreasing their spending across various industries.

After analyzing millions of payments made across the AvidPay Network during the fourth quarter of 2021, a number of trends emerged.

Our new Q4 2021 AvidPay Network analysis revealed spending rose for the sixth straight quarter. Since December 2017, middle market spending has increased 17.6% overall, with 2021 being notable for having the highest single-year increase at 8 percentage points above 2020 and also the three largest quarterly increases (21-Q2, 21-Q3 and 21-Q4).

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Our snapshot of middle market spending trends across several major industries.

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