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B2B Payments Platform

Handling accounts payable processes manually can be a tedious process for middle-market companies, especially those that may wish to see meaningful growth in the long term. Not to mention, handling these processes manually could require significant volumes of paperwork, such as postage, envelopes, and print checks.

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That is why a B2B payments platform may be able to help streamline the accounts payable process so that accounts payable teams could ensure that suppliers get paid on time.

At AvidXchange, our B2B payment platform could potentially help streamline the accounts payable process. That is because our platform could allow accounts payable teams to personalize their workflow to meet their specific needs. They could also access the platform whenever needed to check the statuses of payments, as the platform is cloud-based and can be accessed any time of day from any location with a stable internet connection. The platform could also remain one central hub where your accounts payable team could manage payment records and receive files concerning essential payment information that will be needed for reconciliation of B2B bill payments.

Additionally, at AvidXchange, we enjoy a robust network of over 700,000 suppliers. As such, suppliers may be paid according to their preferences, which may vary from one supplier to the next. Accounts payable teams may not have to worry about being unable to fulfill supplier payment requests.

In sum, moving toward a B2B payment platform could not only improve the workflow of your accounts payable department but could also bolster relationships with vendors thanks to a more streamlined and reliable system of paying the bills. Traditional accounts payable processes could present the risk of late payments and potential security concerns, but upgrading to a payment platform could allow your accounts payable team to function with efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility in mind.

B2B Payments Fintech

Upgrading to an accounts payable payment platform may mean embracing B2B payment fintech. The B2B fintech meaning is technology-enabled financial solutions, or financial technological advancements, which aim to transform basic, manual financial processes to more innovative solutions that could be more streamlined, secure, and accurate. In this case, this entails transforming the methods by which accounts payable teams complete accounts payable processes.

B2B fintech examples could entail creating one centralized platform B2B payments platform where accounts payable teams could oversee and manage payment information to suppliers. This solution could also allow accounts payable to pay their suppliers via one centralized platform and to receive and maintain records of payments and essential files via said platform. This could allow accounts payable teams more transparency concerning their accounts payable processes, as they could view the platform from any location, thanks to the cloud-based system. In the past before fintech advances, accounts payable teams may have had to resort only to managing such information via on-site platforms.

Additionally, B2B payments Fintech could help digitize the accounts payable process more efficiently, which could in turn cut down on the costs associated with managing accounts payable processes manually. Oftentimes, managing accounts payable manually may require excessive amounts of paperwork, such as postage and envelopes, as well as ensuring that uncashed checks get processed properly. A B2B payments platform could allow these matters to be addressed via one streamlined system.

B2B Payments Industry

To better understand the B2B payments industry and the advancements surrounding it to potentially revolutionize the accounts payable process, it may help to understand the difference between B2B vs B2C fintech. In the case of accounts payable B2B payments platforms, this entails potentially providing businesses with the technology they may need to streamline their processes so that they may pay their bills to their suppliers in a more efficient manner.

The B2B payments market size may be expected to continue to expand over the coming years, and a B2B payments market map may illustrate this. With that said, making strides in growth both as an industry and as individual accounts payable teams could entail adopting new technologies that may allow old manual processes to be completed in a more streamlined manner.

B2B payments statistics may show that digital B2B payments platforms are the future of the B2B payments industry. AvidXchange offers accounts payable teams a centralized platform where they could manage their payment records and receive files that contain essential automated payment information.

Future Of B2B Payments

As a whole, many B2B fintech companies are striving to embrace new technologies that could streamline everyday financial processes and thus potentially make it easier to serve customers. In the case of accounts payable and the future of the B2B payment landscape, they may entail opting for a B2B payments platform that could enable accounts payable teams to pay their suppliers according to their needs and preferences.

Many B2B payments companies may understand the importance of transitioning from old manual methods of managing payments, which may often involve excessive amounts of paperwork to ensure that payments are processed. Investing in so much paper could increase costs while potentially hampering efficiency, which could be especially true for accounts payable teams that desire to pay their suppliers on time.

Look toward the future of B2B payments and a B2B payments landscape that may favor payment platforms that could be accessed remotely and managed from one central location. At AvidXchange, our B2B payment platform could allow accounts payable teams to access payment records via this system and possibly retain a sense of control over the B2B payment system. After all, B2B payment trends illustrate that this level of technology may allow payment processes to be completed via one digital platform. This could be more favorable than one that relies on paper, postage, and manual processes.

B2B Payments Trends

Up until recently, traditional methods of attending to accounts payable may have been more prevalent. Shifting to a new form of accounts payable with an emphasis on B2B payments innovation could allow accounts payable teams to transform how they pay their bills to their suppliers.

One B2B payments opportunity that may be worth exploring for many accounts payable teams is the streamlining of accounts payable processes to one centralized platform. This could prove to be beneficial since suppliers’ needs and demands may vary widely, especially for accounts payable teams tasked with managing so many different suppliers to ensure that their needs are met. As a result, suppliers may come to expect a sense of reliability and flexibility that only B2B payment platforms could offer. For this reason you may want to review present B2B payments trends and find a payments platform where you may pay suppliers according to their desires.

Moreover, B2B payment platforms that allow accounts payable teams to work on one platform could create a lighter workload overall, allowing companies to potentially spend less on labor costs. Beyond this, when accounts payable teams can be enabled to handle payments via a digital platform that can prioritize automation, they could potentially forgo many of the costs associated with more paperwork.

B2B Digital Payments

Upgrading your B2B electronic payments process may seem like a complicated endeavor on the surface, but it may not have to be that way with AvidXchange. AvidXchange could make it more straightforward for accounts payable teams to complete bill payments to suppliers and to ensure that said bills can be paid accurately and on time.

That is because AvidXchange could automatically complete B2B digital payments on your behalf so that your accounts payable team may focus on other pressing matters. Once you approve a bill payment, we could help pay your supplier or vendor. As a result, you may not have to spend as much time ensuring that you have the capabilities to manage payments. Not to mention, handling such payment processes manually could be time-consuming.

Beyond this, with AvidXchange, your accounts payable team could have 24/7 visibility into bill payment status and approvals via our streamlined B2B payment platforms. Your accounts payable team could be able to access this information from anywhere because the platform makes its home on the cloud. Not only will you have visibility, but you could also enjoy flexibility with B2B payments that do not require so much paperwork and postage.

B2B Payment Methods

B2B payment methods that permit for more flexibility in paying suppliers could allow accounts payable teams to more readily meet the needs of their suppliers. This flexibility may be hard to manage manually, as it requires meeting suppliers payment method expectations. Fortunately, at AvidXchange, we boast an expansive network of over 700,000 suppliers. As such, we could help ensure that you pay suppliers according to their preferences. This way, you may not have to worry about juggling so many different preferences and payment methods on your own.

Moreover, AvidXchange’s B2B payment system could allow your accounts payable team the opportunity to streamline the AP process by managing payment information via one cloud-based platform. That way, your accounts payable team could have access to files and records whenever they need them most, even if they are working remotely. Additionally, the B2B payments platform could allow accounts payable teams access to B2B payments analytics. It could also allow the team to keep track of all automated payment information, especially when it comes to the reconciliation of B2B bill payments.

To summarize, at AvidXchange, we could potentially help your accounts payable team pay your suppliers on time thanks to a streamlined B2B payments platform that could help you take into account your suppliers specific preferences.

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