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AvidXchange Embarks on Data Lake Journey with Azure Synapse Analytics

February 28, 2020
An empty Microsoft office with laptops and display kiosks.

This week more than 25,000 individuals focused on software development, security, architecture, and IT gathered at Microsoft Ignite in Orlando, Fla. to explore new hands-on experiences in security, cloud, and hybrid infrastructure and development.

As a tech partner of Microsoft, AvidXchange was able to bring a mini, remote version of Microsoft’s largest tech conference onsite to multiple AvidXchange locations. Live streaming primary sessions each day of the conference was a unique opportunity to enable AvidXchange technologists to remotely attend a technical conference, receive new product updates from Microsoft, learn new tips and tricks on the products most used at AvidXchange and enable AvidXchange technologists to advance their skills.

With the conclusion of Microsoft Ignite, AvidXchange is embarking on a data lake journey with Microsoft utilizing Azure Synapse Analytics. So, what is a data lake? It’s an industry term used to describe the mechanism to centrally store and process company data. And what is Synapse Analytics? Synapse Analytics is a platform for real-time tangible interfaces.

“AvidXchange continues to grow at a rapid pace, and Synapse Analytics will give us the scalability to meet our analytics and data science needs both now and in the future,” said Angelic Gibson, Chief Information Officer at AvidXchange. “The platform will help us become a more data-driven organization so we can make smarter decisions for our business and our customers.”

The Synapse Analytics toolkit allows for rapid, low-cost prototyping of tangible user interfaces (TUIs) utilizing only a webcam, web browser and paper. With that, Synapse Analytics can bring paper prototypes to life through the use of marker based augmented reality (AR).

As AvidXchange embarks on its data lake journey, Synapse Analytics will provide the required agility, scalability, and productivity in a very cost-efficient manner. With key Azure Data Platform components pre-integrated in Synapse Analytics, the provides a seamless experience for the end-users to work with the platform with underlying complexity completely abstracted from the end-user.

Synapse Analytics will not only help AvidXchange with faster adoption of the platform, but it will also make the users of the platform, like data engineers, data scientists and data analysts, more efficient and agile in responding to business user needs while reducing the total cost of ownership and better predicting platform usage cost.

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