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Oasis Solutions Partner Spotlight

May 3, 2021
Oasis Solutions Partner Spotlight

In celebration of Oasis Solutions’ 30th anniversary, Partner and Chief Revenue Officer, Aaron Rosenberg participated in a Q&A to discuss the company’s continued partnership with AvidXchange and the benefits our integration with Oracle NetSuite and Sage100 has offered their clients over the years. Additionally, Rosenberg shares some of the challenges Oasis’ clients recently faced due to the pandemic and provides insights on trends he’s identified over the past three decades.

What initially attracted you to partner with AvidXchange?

Rosenberg: It was a combination of the people and the technology. At Oasis, we remain rooted in the idea that working with companies whose people embody our core values is critical to a successful partnership, and the AvidXchange employees that I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the years have been tremendous partners. And like the people, AvidXchange’s technology has been best in class, so luckily for us and our mutual customers, the partnership is truly the best of both worlds.

How does Oasis Solutions’ partnership with AvidXchange benefit its clients?

Rosenberg: Firstly, our clients use Oracle NetSuite and Sage100, which offers them a good payables solution, but most customers today are looking for an end-to-end spend management solution. When we discovered that AvidXchange offered that and could also seamlessly integrate with the existing software our clients use, it was a no brainer; we knew AvidXchange was going to be the best option to serve our clients. Additionally, AvidXchange’s technology had other capabilities that our customers had an appetite for like streamlining processes and communications with automation, electronically paying their vendors and helping to reduce, if not eliminate, paper from their business entirely. When you pair AvidXchange’s solution with Oasis’ expertise, we have the opportunity to help save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, for our clients which is arguably the biggest benefit of this partnership. I’d consider this partnership a win, win for everyone (including the trees)!

AvidXchange recently announced new purchase order functionality for Sage Intacct and Oracle NetSuite, how with this benefit Oasis Solutions’ clients, specifically its manufacturing clients?

Rosenberg: My team is thrilled to see that AvidXchange is continuing to invest in its product. We’ve received feedback from many of our clients about the ability to enhance the existing technology with a purchase order matching process, so we know they’ll be excited too. Candidly, we support well over 100 clients in the manufacturing industry, and there’s been a lack of AP technology with sophisticated, 3-way match capabilities which has been a major roadblock for some of our clients – until now! AvidXchange’s new functionality extends Oasis’ value for our current clients and will attract future clients seeking out these new capabilities.

What are some of the trends you’ve noticed with your clients over the last 30 years?

As Oasis looks upon our 30th anniversary, I can say that the only constant trend in technology is change! But some of the more tangible trends that we continue to see impact the AP business continue to be the same at their core, even if the technology is better prepared to meet them. For example, the want to automate and eliminate antiquated processes like manually coding invoices for 40~ hours a week. Customers are now realizing that certain outdated tasks can be a resource drain, and if they invest in the right technology and right partner, they can reallocate their AP staff’s time to more important responsibilities within the department. These trends and resulting changes over the last 5~ years, come from the new, next generation of business leaders. These leaders, our clients, are more modernized and want their business to be as well.

What are some of the biggest challenges that your clients are facing this year in terms of business management and how does technology help solve them?

Rosenberg: I think that our clients, particularly those with inventory, are facing challenges with their supply chain. Trying to build a forecast last year, and this year as we all continue to be impacted by the global pandemic, is near impossible. No one could have predicted that manufacturers or distributors of medical supplies like gloves and face masks, were going to see the massive surge in business they saw last year. Furthermore, if they were basing their purchase decisions for this year on last year’s numbers, I’m not confident that model would prove fruitful. Today’s global supply chain is intertwined and somewhat fragile with a ripple effect that can be unpredictable. That being said, customers are eager to get their hands on as much data as possible and want to receive that information in a format that’s easy to decipher and predict by. Technology, specifically AvidXchange’s integration with Oracle NetSuite and Sage100 software, are great, affordable tools that help a middle market leadership team do just that.

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