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How Norbella Streamlined Its Media Payments

January 23, 2024
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Norbella is an independent media agency based in Boston that partners with brands to create intuitive and adaptive media campaigns. It takes a comprehensive approach rooted in strategy, informed by customer data and insights, and guided by media intelligence. Its teams become extensions of those they work with, making a lasting impact on target audiences and the business bottom line.  

The Challenge

Norbella was using another payments provider for several years that started out as a good solution. Over time, this solution became less efficient, and the resources invested in improving and expanding on technical integrations gradually declined. Additionally, the quality of customer service began to diminish. These factors led to a willingness to explore other solutions that better met the needs of the agency. 

The Solution

The finance team at Norbella is very lean, so efficiency was key when it came to considering a new payments partner. AvidXchange’s proactive customer service and API integration with Advantage stood out as valuable time savers for Norbella’s CFO. With helpful notifications, seamless optimization of the existing workflow and a quick and easy process, Norbella gained speed and visibility into its payments by switching to AvidXchange’s media solution. 

“With AvidXchange FastPay, the Advantage integration is so smooth. I just make sure the information is accurate in my accounting system, submit one file and it gets parsed out. The implementation was super easy and it's kind of a set it and forget it partnership for me.”

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