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HOA Management Group, AP Manager Both Grow Using Automation

February 15, 2022
Electronic payment systems

For years, accounts payable (AP) automation wasn’t a consideration for Agynbyte LLC, a leading community association management company based in Bellevue, Washington. The AP department was happy with its in-house practices, and the company was enjoying steady growth.

Then, Agynbyte acquired a local condominium management company with 25 associations leveraging AvidStrongroom from AvidXchange. Now, Agynbyte can’t imagine life without an automated AP solution that works in perfect harmony alongside their FRONTSTEPS Caliber accounting system.

The challenge: Letting go of the staus quo

The early days of paperless AP were a struggle for Agynbyte. Remember, Agynbyte’s adoption of AP automation was an assignment, not a choice.

Then, AP assistant Amanda Shumway took ownership of AvidStrongroom integration and realized how nicely it complemented their Caliber accounting system.

“We came at it with a very negative perspective. We didn’t think it was anything that we needed or wanted,” said Shumway, now the leader of Agynbyte’s AP department. “But once we finished the integration and gathered all the client information from the acquisition, we were just absolutely in love with how well the two solutions worked together.

“AvidStrongroom has immensely improved our efficiency while accurately integrating all the necessary information for AP and all other departments into Caliber daily.”


The solution: Embracing paperless AP

 With AvidStrongroom fully integrated into Caliber, Agynbyte went all in and transitioned every one of its customers into the automated process.

“We were extremely paper heavy when we were doing everything in-house, and it was really slow. All of the association managers had to come in to approve everything on paper. We were printing like crazy,” Shumway said. “Then seeing everything go through with AvidXchange and be paperless and seeing you can approve and code from anywhere … that just blew our minds.

“We were expecting a lot of integration issues, but that wasn’t the case. We could do everything we needed to and no one in the company had to change the way they worked to make sure the two systems operated as one.”

“After a period of intense growth, we contribute a large amount of the success to the way AvidStrongroom and Caliber work together to get payments out quickly while changing very little about how the entire company uses Caliber. The learning curve was painless. AvidStrongroom gives our accountants all the information integrated into Caliber to do monthly financials and makes it effortless for association managers to find information in both AvidStrongroom and Caliber.”

The results: Greater efficiency, faster growth

Agynbyte has enjoyed accelerated growth since seamlessly integrating AvidStrongroom with Caliber. It now manages 74 (and counting) associations, 85 percent more than the 40 it managed in 2018.

The company now processes upward of 1,300 invoices and payments every month – 62.5 percent more than before  seamlessly integrating AvidStrongroom with Caliber.

This intense growth was possible even without adding headcount to Agynbyte’s AP operation.

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Agynbyte now processes 62.5 percent more invoices per month than before, seamlessly integrating AvidStrongroom with Caliber

For Shumway, not only has her embrace of automation propelled her career from part-time assistant to running the company’s AP department, but she’s able to do it largely from her home in Kingston three hours from Agynbyte headquarters.

“Without AvidStrongroom and Caliber, I don’t know if I would have been able to relocate and keep doing a job I truly enjoy,” Shumway said. “I love the way the solutions work together and empower both the company and my career. I guess you could say this was my breakthrough.”


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