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How HLK Scaled Its Business with Automation 

February 19, 2024
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HughesLeahyKarlovic (HLK) is a St. Louis-based creative and technology agency generating value for brands by connecting with audiences through powerful experiences. It focuses on creating brand experiences that accelerate behavior change by integrating into the lives of audiences, shaping their beliefs and producing excellent results.

The Challenge

HLK sought to automate its payments in anticipation of a large client onboarding that would triple its business. This proved to be the perfect time to start using a payments provider, as the growth resulted in the accounting team being busier than ever. The team transitioned with ease from 100% manual payments to completely automated payments with the help of AvidXchange’s media solution.

The Solution

HLK was able to integrate AvidXchange’s media solution into its workflow seamlessly, improving operational efficiency for its team and equipping employees with the payments support they needed in a time of growth. The team was able to save so much time through automated payments that there was no need to hire additional support to help with the influx of work. Thanks to AvidXchange, HLK thrived with its new business acquisition and saved resources along the way.  

“AvidXchange FastPay has been a life-saver for our company as we transitioned to work-from-home AND added business that greatly increased the volume of vendor payments required from us each week. Using AvidXchange's services allowed us to handle these transitions without adding the expense of additional employees, and the rebates generated added to our overall income. Altogether a win-win decision for us and one we've never regretted.”

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