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Future-Proofing the Office of the CFO: A Conversation with Alpana Wegner, CFO at Benefitfocus

April 14, 2022
Screenshot of video call between Mike Praeger and Alpana Wegner.

I understand it’s getting tiresome to continue talking about the global pandemic we’ve all lived through over the last two years, but it’s undeniable how much it’s changed the way we work and live, especially for finance professionals. With that in mind, I’ve set out to talk to CFOs and other financial leaders from across the United States about how they’re adapting their management style and outlook on innovation and technology in new market conditions. I hope to learn and share insight from thought leaders in the financial space to help others “future-proof” the office of the CFO and embrace the increasing role of technology in our everyday work lives. 

In this episode...

Our guest in our first episode, Alpana Wegner, took over as CFO of Benefitfocus, a leader in cloud-based software solutions for health care and benefits administrations, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and tackled the sudden realities of hybrid workforces and global market uncertainty from Day 1 on the job.

In this episode of “Future-Proofing the Office of the CFO,” I talk with Wegner about the evolving role of a CFO in today’s “new normal” and dissect her approaches to:  

  • – Re-thinking business practices as workforces shift to a hybrid model 
  • – Supporting remote employees with technology and empathy 
  • – The growing role of automation, robotics and analytics in finance departments 
  • – Re-anchoring to the new norms and needs of customers in a post-pandemic world 


Thanks for watching our inaugural episode of “Future-Proofing the Office of the CFO”.


Make sure to keep up with our ongoing series each month as we learn from some of the best financial minds from across the nation. 

About our guest

With more than 20 years of experience in finance leadership roles, Alpana Wegner oversees holistic financial organization, leading strategic direction for our FP&A, corporate finance, controller, investor relations, operational excellence, legal and information technology arms for Benefitfocus. In addition to being a proud mother of two boys, Wegner is a leader who uses what she’s learned throughout her career to mentor talent, instill curiosity, push for constructive change and leverage the power of data to influence smarter decision making and execution of key strategic initiatives. 

You can connect with Wegner on LinkedIn here. 


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