Southwest Key Programs:

A national nonprofit organization dedicated to keeping children with families and out of institutions, the Southwest Key Programs produces programming in the following key areas: 1) programs related to youth justice, 2) housing for immigrant children, and 3) education programs.

Capturing and associating expense details with the right program or grant and quickly approving these expenses were consistent challenges before using our solutions. Marjorie Hoffman, AP Supervisor, loves that she can see where every invoice is at every stage, “especially those which have multiple distributions, which every Financial Accountant has to review.”

Centro de la Familia de Utah:

Founded in 1975, Centro de la Familia’s mission is to empower Latinos economically, socially and politically. For this purpose, they offer many community programs, including five Head Start programs in their Utah branch. As a budget-conscious, federally funded, nonprofit organization, Centro de la Familia leverages contract tracking for grant expense tracking and to promote a culture of employee accountability.

Michael Fairchild, Assistant Controller, elaborates on using Procurement solutions for their grants: “For our grants, we’ve created contracts with a budgeted amount and employees are instructed to use these contracts for their purchasing. This ensures that all purchase orders and requisitions are approved and tied to a fund; employees can always review where they stand in terms of budget.”

American Council on Education:

A prominent leader in higher education, the American Council on Education (ACE) represents 1,800 college and university presidents and executives at related associations. ACE influences the direction of public policy on higher education through advocacy, research and program initiatives, such as their ACE Leadership program for empowering higher education leaders.

By implementing the solution, ACE gained one solution that both employees and contractors could use to capture and approve AP invoices, pre-approve travel requests, submit expense reports and track vendor contract spending. For example, an employee can submit a trip request for a conference for specific dates and a location, and we calculates the total allowance based on federally regulated CONUS rates. After completing the trip, the employee on his phone (or any device) can automatically generate an expense report from the request, upload receipts and submit for approval. ACE employees have gained an easy to use expense application for any device, and the finance team enjoys having a comprehensive solution with seamless integration to their accounting software to manage accounts payable.

Adopt a Family of the Palm Beaches, Inc.:

With a mission to strengthen families by offering support services, Adopt a Family of the Palm Beaches, Inc., is the largest provider for homeless families in Palm Beach County, Florida. An important part of their programs is the permanent supportive housing and rapid re-housing for homeless families.

Now case managers can quickly submit check requests for approval within seconds to meet the needs of clients. Chief Financial Officer Dana Perez comments on the benefits of electronic invoice processing from any phone, tablet or laptop: “It’s been great having the ability to view, edit and approve invoices from anywhere. This also helps with giving auditors access to documents and approvals for audit.”


Based in Yonkers, New York, ANDRUS is a nonprofit organization that supports the future of children and families through programs that promote stability, increased resilience and hope. Their life-changing programs include childcare, home visiting, mental health services, residential treatment, school-based services and special education.

ANDRUS has streamlined purchasing with key vendors by using Supplier PunchOut for online buying and Contract Tracking. For example, from a requisition, an employee just clicks a button to connect to Amazon’s online marketplace to shop for items, and automatically populates the requisition upon checkout. This solution helps ANDRUS to track internal projects and spending by vendor and department, such as their facilities department.

Northwestern Counseling and Support Services:

Northwestern Counseling and Support Services (NCSS) is a nonprofit human services agency devoted to helping residents in Vermont to lead healthy lives. Since community workers are frequently on the road visiting clients, the organization required an easy-to-use expense reporting solution to capture reimbursable mileage for travel to client sites.

Sarah Paxman-Bean, Controller at NCSS, shared the benefits of expense reporting from any device: “400+ users who are community-based workers have seen the difference that expense reporting offers them. They can now create their expense (entering in mileage, uploading a receipt from their smartphone) all while they are on the go.” Traveling employees simply enter their starting and destination points on the Mileage Calculator and the solution calculates the distance and reimbursement.