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Why Did I Get a Check from AvidXchange?  

April 17, 2024
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If you received a check from us in the mail, you may be wondering, “Why did I get a check from AvidXchange?” The short answer is that a company you do business with uses AvidXchange to issue payments on its behalf.  

If you typically receive electronic payments from AvidXchange and are wondering why you received a check instead, jump ahead for more information 

Why Did AvidXchange Send Me a Check?

A company you did business with outsourced payment processing to AvidXchange, so we issued you a payment on its behalf.  

The check you received should say, “Please post payment for,” on the top and on the attached stub. The name of the company sending you payment is listed here.  

If you have further questions, please visit and click on the “Live Chat” button in the bottom right corner.  

What is AvidXchange?

AvidXchange is a leading provider of accounts payable (AP) automation software and payment solutions. We partner with businesses to help make their invoice approval and payment processes more efficient. This includes issuing payments on their behalf via check, enhanced direct deposit and Mastercard.

Is AvidXchange a Scam?

AvidXchange is not a scam. AvidXchange was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina with 1,600 employees across the United States.

More than 8,000 businesses use our services to automate their AP processes. In 2023, AvidXchange processed $75 million in transactions for our customers.

AvidXchange is publicly traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange as AVDX.

Why Did I Get a Check from AvidXchange When I Usually Receive Electronic Payments?

There are a few reasons AvidXchange might send a check instead of your typical preferred payment method, including Mastercard or AvidPay Direct (enhanced direct deposit):

✅  The Mastercard payment you were issued expired. If you do not run the card promptly, it will expire.

✅  The payment amount did not meet the minimum or maximum requirements set by your company to receive electronically.

✅  We were unable to make an electronic payment due to conflicting information received from individuals representing your company.

✅  Details provided in the initial payment method selection discussion were inaccurate.

✅  Our team or your bank has not processed your new enhanced direct deposit request yet.

✅  You did not correctly complete the DocuSign you received to set up enhanced direct deposit.

AvidXchange never holds your payments. If processing for an electronic payment is delayed for some reason, we will send a check instead.

If AvidXchange is unable to issue Mastercard or enhanced direct deposit payments to your company after multiple attempts, we will change your default payment method to check.

If you’d like to update your current payment method, please reach out to our dedicated supplier care team or click on the “Live Chat” box in the bottom right corner of our website.

Where Does AvidXchange Mail Checks From?

AvidXchange has check printing locations in Beaverton, Oregon, Houston, Texas and Jacksonville, Florida. Checks are mailed to payees from the location nearest them.

How Can I Verify a Check is Real?

Check fraud is on the rise, so it’s prudent to be wary of a check you received from a company you’re unfamiliar with.

Check out information from the Federal Trade Commission on how to spot and report fake checks:

If you’re still not sure about a check, find the name of the issuing bank – this should be printed on the check. Locate the bank’s customer service number online and call them to verify the authenticity of the check.

For more information about a check from AvidXchange, contact our dedicated supplier care team or click on the “Live Chat” box in the bottom right corner of our website.

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