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AP Automation Guide: The New Accounts Payable Software ‘Master Class’ for Finance Pros

January 12, 2021
AP automation guide

You’ve probably heard about a popular new wave of online education called MasterClass. Well, there’s also a new kind of class we’ve created exclusively for you titled “Mastering Fundamentals of Accounts Payable Automation,” an 11 chapter, up-to-date, comprehensive AP automation guide.


The AP automation guide aims to help you better understand everything about the AP software market and automating AP processes.

How does AP software function?

Wondering how AP software functions? You’ll get a simple and clear explanation in this report.

Here’s an excerpt:

It functions a bit like the GPS application on your smartphone. You type in where you want to go and the software instructs and guides you on how to get there including every stop, turn and reroute. The best part? You’re in control — but guided to get you there faster.

Are you skeptical that paperless processes costs less and are more secure than paper or maybe just not convinced the benefits of going paperless and automating AP outweigh the risks? Learn why that’s not the case.

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For one of many reasons, this paper process is risky because the data on paper checks can – and often is – intercepted and stolen by fraudsters to steal money from companies.

Outlining the financial benefits of AP automation software

Are you unclear of the financial benefits of automating AP software versus staying with your manual methods? This AP automation guide spells out the differences.


Why AP automation software integrations are so crucial

What about integrations? Do you keep hearing about the all-important process of integrating AP software with accounting software and Enterprise Resource Planning systems? Are you unsure why everybody keeps emphasizing how important integration is?

This AP automation guide will explain why figuring out how to integrate these various types of software should ranks highly on the list of important things finance pros should do in 2021.

How AP software will accelerate finance careers

Concerned about the fulfillment of your finance team members? Maybe as an AP manager you’re hearing that AP automation will replace the work you do. Then how will you fill your work days?

Or as a controller or chief financial officer, you’re feeling the need to figure out what your employees will do if automation takes the place of the manual tasks they used to do.

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This AP automation guide will teach you about the career opportunities your employees can explore more thoroughly as financial analysts, business advisors and internal controls specialists. They’ll have more time to become more skilled as financial strategists who add more value to your company’s bottom line.


Will AP software improve remote working?

How can your company adjust more efficiently and serve customers faster and with more personalized services in the big new world of remote working? Find out in this AP automation guide how your company can accelerate payments and reduce security risks in the work-from-home environment that’s here to stay.

Final thoughts

The timing of this AP automation guide comes at a particularly great time as you start fresh in 2021. You’ll gain valuable insight for driving new growth for your business and developing your skills and career progression at a faster pace than ever before.

Now is the prime opportunity to read this guide, reset, re-strategize and consider the merits of automating your AP processes.

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