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Utility & Energy Offerings

Utility Bill Analytics and Reporting (UBAR)

AvidXchange’s Utility Bill Analytics and Reporting (UBAR) service provides comprehensive controls, utility reporting and payment features for greater control of utility costs and invoice management. Our Utility Bill Payment solution heightens awareness of energy usage and billing rates while greatly simplifying your payment process. This allows you to better manage your utility spend at any location or facility─down to the meter level. This complete managed solution eliminates the burden of receiving, capturing, and paying utility invoices from your payables staff.

Our 6-Step Validation Process:
1. Validates accuracy of start and end date continuity
2. Detects missing and out of cycle bills
3. Checks meter reading continuity for billing accuracy
4. Monitors consumption variances and issues alerts for irregularities
5. Monitors rate variances and issues alerts for irregularities
6. Detects duplicate utility bills and charges

Energy Procurement

AvidXchange’s Energy Procurement team outlines an energy procurement strategy and solicits bids from qualified suppliers that best meet your energy requirements and business conditions. We analyze each suppliers bid for quantitative and qualitative factors and recommend the most qualified, licensed energy supplier with the product(s) that fit your energy requirements with minimum risk.

Energy Procurement Services

Our Energy Procurement Services team is recognized as leaders in full energy assessment and planning. With over 25 years of experience we have established long standing relationships with energy suppliers across the nation. Our clients benefit from our diverse national portfolio of suppliers because we offer high volume purchasing power to any size client by pooling aggregate demand in deregulated markets.

AvidXchange provides comprehensive energy strategies based upon consumption data stored in UBAR and NJ ETS so public and private sector customers can enjoy as much as 33% savings on energy spending.

Rate and Tariff Analysis

Our comprehensive Rate & Tariff Analysis service provides a 12 month historical utility cost analysis of billings across all accounts. This twelve month snapshot identifies suspected utility billing errors and opportunities for on-going cost savings. We provide tariff and utility cost rate analysis identifying all areas of potential cost savings with go-forward recommendations and action plans.

We analyze all utility commodities including electricity, natural gas, water, sewer, fuel oil, steam and coal.

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