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Electronic Payment Systems

Facilitating 100% of Your Payments

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Pay (Full-Service Offering) + Network

AvidXchange offers a full-service electronic payment system and a self-managed option for payments to meet you where you are in your journey toward electronic payments.

AvidXchange electronic payments is a full-service payment offerings are available using AvidPay, AvidXchange’s bill payment service. When you select payments in AvidPay to be paid, they are then sent over to the AvidPay Network. The AvidPay Network is the network through which your vendors get paid. The AvidPay Network optimizes the electronic payment mix, with an average electronic adoption of 45%.

Create-A-Check (Self-Managed Offering)

For vendors that you would like to pay in-house, Create-A-Check is available as a self-managed payment option. You manage your vendor data and can facilitate payments via MICR check, ACH/EFT, and wire transfers in-house using the Create-A-Check software.

Purchasing Card

We joined forces with Comdata and MasterCard to bring you an integrated purchasing card solution.
The AvidXchange Purchasing Card gives you more control over Travel and Expenses (T&E), while also lowering administrative costs to oversee the process. How? By increasing visibility into spending, and providing detailed and actionable reporting.

Benefits of using the AvidXchange Purchasing Card:

  • One-Card solution with Universal MasterCard Acceptance at Over 38 Million Locations for Purchasing and T&E
  • Online and Mobile App Program Administration and Card Maintenance
  • Real-Time Controls & Reporting (Over 300 Configurable Controls)
  • Customizable, Industry-Leading Reporting Technology
  • Integrated with Other AvidXchange Solutions