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AP Automation: An Obituary for Paper

Adam Frazier
Adam Frazier
October 31, 2016

AP Automation: An Obituary for Paper

Rest in Pieces…On the evening of October 23, 2015, Paper died at the age of 2,193. Few were shocked, even less seemed to care.

Born in ancient China during the Han dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD), Paper spread slowly to the west via the Silk Road. The child of papyrus and parchment, Paper got its start as wrapping or padding material to protect delicate objects. During the 3rd century AD, Paper graduated from wrapping to writing.

Produced by pressing together moist fibers of cellulose pulp derived from wood, Paper was an incredibly versatile substance. Paper enjoyed a long, successful career in a variety of roles: maps, letters, brochures, business cards, restaurant menus, newspapers, movie tickets, money – Paper had it all!

Until, that is, Paper was diagnosed with a terminal illness: irrelevancy. Old-fashioned and obsolete, Paper was replaced by modern (digital) conveniences like Google Maps, eBooks, and ePayments, never to recover. The final nail in the coffin came from the accounts payable space. Paper took a backseat to AP automation. Mountains of paper invoices were eradicated by efficient software systems that allowed AP professionals to eliminate repetitive and time-consuming tasks, streamline processes, and gain real-time visibility into the financial health of their organization.

Paper processes are survived by other frustrating tasks like going to the DMV, standing in line behind someone paying with a check at Target, and entertaining your in-laws, who were only supposed to visit for the weekend but have now decided to stay the full week.

In lieu of flowers, the family of Paper is requesting that companies utilize AP and payment automation solutions like those provided from AvidXchange. AvidXchange revolutionizes the way companies pay their bills by providing a solution that streamlines the entire Accounts Payable process–from invoice receipt through vendor payment. AvidXchange makes it easy to automate with a 45-day implementation guarantee and integration to more than 100 accounting systems.

A viewing for Paper will be held at 7 p.m. Friday around the Lexmark™ XS798de Multifunction Color Laser Printer in the back corner of the office. Burial will be held at 1 p.m. Saturday, in an old filing cabinet down in the basement.

Power over Your PayablesWhy have over 600 organizations selected AvidInvoice as the industry standard to manage invoice approvals? AvidXchange’s industry-leading SSAE 16 Certification AP automation solution eliminates lost invoices, late fees, and overnight charges. AvidInvoice reduces processing costs by 60% or more.

For more information on how AvidXchange can make your month-end closing painless (and paperless), schedule your free demo today! Our automation specialists will set up a customized demo and walk you through the automated process!

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Adam Frazier

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