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Better Than Your Standard Utility Audit

Utility Bill Analytics and Reporting

AvidUtility provides comprehensive controls, reporting and payment features for greater control of utility costs and invoice management. Our utility bill payment solution heightens your awareness of energy usage, utility billing rates and your payment process allowing you to better manage your utility spend at any location or facility, down to the meter level. This complete managed solution eliminates the burden of receiving, capturing, and paying utility invoices from your payables staff.

Our 6-Step Validation process eliminates late fees and shut off notices—we guarantee it!

  • Validates accuracy of start/end date continuity
  • Detects missing/out of cycle bills
  • Checks meter readings continuity for billing accuracy
  • Monitors consumption variances and issues alerts for irregularities
  • Monitors rate variances and issues alerts for irregularities
  • Detects duplicate utility bills and charges

Reduce the cost of paying your utility bills, lower your utility rates, and eliminate late fees--guaranteed!