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Power Over Your Payables

Electronic Invoice Capture

Electronic capture of invoice data from vendors.

Put paper and manual data entry in the past.

Join the more than 200,000 vendors nationwide that utilize the AvidBill Service to securely automate their invoice submission and receipt processes. We make it easy for vendors to submit 100% of their invoices electronically through a variety of methods. Upon invoice receipt, the data that you would input manually today is automatically populated in your system. Doesn’t that sound easy? It is.

How It Works:

  • Email Submission
  • Secure Web Submission
  • Upload Electronic Files, Such as PDF or CSV
  • Specialized Applets
Solution Overview

"Electronic capture prevents a tremendous amount of manual input and misplaced information."

Invoice Approval Workflow

A rule-based routing system to streamline processes & approvals.

Keep your workflow, lose the paper.

AvidInvoice is designed to mirror your current approval processes and workflows, but without all of the paper and inefficiency. By automating the process, your company will be able to track invoices electronically, streamline workflows, and have a central repository for anytime, anywhere access to invoice data.

How It Works:

  • Capture invoice information, status, audit trail
  • Secure Web Submission
  • Import of approved invoices into accounts payable
  • Extensive management reporting
  • Complete visibility of invoice status... anytime, anywhere!
Solution Overview

"Because AvidInvoice tracks where each invoice is, we know where the bottlenecks are and which managers are slowing down the process."

Invoice & Bill Payment Reporting

Simple, up-to-date reporting at your fingertips.

Stay on top of invoice & payment processes.

More than 50 standard invoice and bill reports are delivered as part of the AvidSuite with a comprehensive reporting tool to define ad hoc, customized reports. All reports can be subscribed to based upon a user's authorization level and schedulable anytime you choose. Additional reporting is available through our AvidUtility offering for visibility into utility usage and spending.

How It Works:

  • Accruals
  • Approvals
  • Account Distributions
  • Bill Processing
  • Disputes
  • Missing Invoices
  • Pending Payments & Approvals
  • Property Reports
  • User Reports
  • Workflow Reports
Report Overview

"Our AP team no longer functions as keypunch operators, but rather as a team that is able to perform analytical functions!"

Accounting System Integration

We have standard integration to more than 100 accounting systems.

Your accounting system remains your company’s system of record.

We have standard integration to more than 100 accounting systems, so you can easily get started with AvidXchange solutions that already work with your system. Don't see your accounting system here? No worries. Our integration team can work with you to build one.

Systems We Have Integrated With:

Integration Overview

"AvidInvoice has been the easiest software application and implementation that our team has ever experienced. The integration with our accounting system worked immediately and with little configuration."

Automated Bill Payment

AvidPay works with every invoice, vendor, and bank for every payment.

One solution to facilitate 100% of your payments.

AvidPay enables companies to pay vendors electronically while maintaining all of their banking relationships and their current approval workflows. AvidPay’s PayControl feature creates flexibility for things such as step level approvals and multiple approvers.

How it Works:

  • Reduced Processing Costs
  • 24/7 Visibility into Payment Status & Approvals
  • Customizable Payment Approval Workflows
  • Service Teams for Vendor Management & Payment Execution
  • Increased Vendor Adoption of Electronic Payments with the Eligibility for Your Company to Earn Rebates
Solution Overview

"You can't even assign a value to the efficiencies AvidPay has created, but it's worth a lot more than our monetary savings of $72,000 a year. Now that I have all of the information that I need right at my fingertips, I can focus on cash forecasting and scheduling payments for ideal cash management."

We make it absurdly easy to automate!

Our implementations take 45 days--guaranteed. When you decide to get rid of the paper, we think it should happen as quickly as possible. Get on with your financial genius.

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