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Paperless Processing

Eliminate 100% of paper checks and invoices.

Processing paper invoices and checks is time-consuming, costly, and dated. Revolutionize the way your company pays its bills! Transition to a state-of-the-art paperless process. Our customers have reduced their processing time by 700%, cut their processing costs in half, and tripled their output without adding staff.

  • Electronically receive 100% of invoices through eInvoicing
  • Store electronic invoice and payment data in a central repository
  • Minimize fraud and duplicate invoices tied to paper processes
  • Route invoices and payments for electronic approval anytime, anywhere, including from mobile devices
  • Make audits easy, because the audit history of every invoice is available
  • Archive all payment history electronically for immediate recall and disaster recovery
The paperless advantage of AvidInvoice is critical to our strategy to gain efficiencies while we grow our retail portfolio and maintain compliance with our invoice approval process..

Kathleen Archibald, Manager of Application Systems Ramco-Gershenson Properties Trust