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Fee Managers

AvidXchange for Fee Managers

Leading Fee Managers use AvidXchange to create competitive differentiation by optimizing a mission-critical business process. You can increase customer satisfaction by providing greater transparency into property spend. Increase your control and visibility into payables at the property level to attract and satisfy more customers.

Support Multiple Customers, Multiple Accounting Systems and Multiple Databases

AvidXchange includes native support for multiple databases making it easy to track spending activity by customer. Scalable, highly-configurable integration to all leading real estate accounting packages shortens implementation and lowers ongoing property management overhead.

Improve Service Delivery

Include customers in your workflow; provide automated reporting to track spending activities and provide audit-level access to you customers so they have complete confidence in your ability to deliver top quality service.

A Scalable Platform for Growth

If you need enterprise-class ERP system integration, a mash-up with data from multiple sources, or custom integration to legacy applications, AvidXchange's open API's have the power and programming capabilities for the most sophisticated IT integrations.

No Late Fees; No Over Payment of Utilities

Our specialized utility invoice tracking and payment solution eliminates the most common reasons for late fees on utilities using a 6-step Validation Process and rules based payment engine. Know when bills are received, due and if they are missing; automatic checks for service overlap and spikes in usage alert you to over charges and potential vandalism in unoccupied properties.

Identify Fraud and Duplicate Invoices

Our proprietary fraud monitoring system uses algorithms to look for irregularities, verifies authorized vendors and looks for duplicate invoices before they enter your payables system. Set up rules and alerts that notify you when a suspicious invoice is received so you act before it’s a problem.

Turn Cost into Opportunity

You operate on thin profit margins so AvidXchange has created property management strategies for Fee Managers to offset processing fees and turn costs into opportunities.

AvidXchange is the ideal property management solution to automate invoice and bill pay processing and provide greater transparency to your clients. Used by countless Fee Managers, AvidXchange lets you spend less generating reports to justify what’s spent and more time managing properties.