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Automated Invoice Capture with e-Invoicing

AvidBill Network e-Invoice

We make it easy for suppliers and customers to send and receive 100% of their invoices electronically. Join the more than 124,000 vendors nationwide that subscribe to the AvidBill Network to automate invoice submission and receipt. We speed up the end-to-end process so everybody wins!

Why do AvidXchange customers switch to e-Invoicing in the AvidBill Network?

  • Receive invoices faster! e-Invoices are almost  instantaneous; no more waiting for invoices in the mail letting you take early payment discounts that save you money
  • Save time and improve business relationships with your suppliers by sending e-Invoice Smart Confirmations; no more calls checking to see if you received their invoice
  • Improve your cash flow management with greater visibility into outstanding payables and  payment obligations 
  • Implement an industry best practice by sending and receiving e-Invoices and make audits faster and easier
  • Sign up for e-Invoicing via the AvidBill Network to fully automate your AP process and to completely eliminate paper invoices

Suppliers like it too! Suppliers can contact us directly to join the AvidBill Network.

How does it Work?

It’s easy with Avidxchange. Some e-Invoice networks add additional fees that your  suppliers have to pay for sending electronic invoices making it less likely they will join. When you join the AvidBill Network there is no charge to your suppliers; its part of our service to you and our commitment to fully automating your AP process.

We work with you to prioritize and signup up suppliers. Our analytic tools identify high volume suppliers that you get the biggest boost in productivity from by converting them to e-Invoices.

Suppliers simply submit invoices using any of our electronic capture methods. You receive e-Invoices almost instantaneously for review, approval and automatic entry into your AP accounting system. We support many electronic formats so compatibility is not an issue:

  • Email                                                            
  • Secure Web Submission  
  • Upload electronic files: PDF, XML, EDI API or CSV
  • Specialized Applets

We still accommodate paper invoices using a secured lockbox and OCR technology to convert invoices into an electronic format making 100% of your invoices e-Invoices..

You can receive 100% of your invoices electronically!



AvidXchange has proven itself as a leader, and NTS is proud to be affiliated with your company. .

David B. Pitchford, Vice President and Treasurer NTS Development Company