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You're the boss. Manage your cash flow like one.

See the status of invoices and accelerate your payments all with Cashflow Manager. It’s everything you need to manage your cash.

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Our portal is free and your time isn't, so stop wasting it tracking down your cash.

Managing your cash flow shouldn't be hard, so we make it easy.

For All Your Business Needs
  • Bills
  • Supplies
  • Inventory
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
Completely Hassle-Free
  • No credit card requirements
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  • Simple up front fees
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What Our Customers Say

“We were on a cycle that was anywhere from 45 to 60 days before AvidXchange, now it’s much, much shorter. I just got an invoice last week. I think we put it in on the 6th and by the 14th AvidXchange was notifying me about payment. As an owner of a company, cash flow is the hardest part to adjust, especially in our busy season, so timing our payments with AvidXchange makes it easy.” - David Tuccio, Owner, Precision Landscape Management

Our team works hard, so you don’t have to.

AvidXchange Cashflow Manger™, our self-service supplier portal, provides you with all of the features you need to help you make better cash flow decisions.

With free online access, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week you're never in the dark

A mobile friendly platform that works wherever and whenever you do

Real time invoice status means no more calling your customers to track down your money

With up to date payment history and details you never have to wonder

Take back control over your cash flow and get paid early with Invoice Accelerator

Update your banking information without having to reach out to your client