Service Level Agreement

Support Service Limitations

AvidXchange shall not be obligated to support any Service, or portion thereof, in which any person or entity other than AvidXchange modifies the Service unless such modification was made with the prior written consent of AvidXchange and under the direction of an AvidXchange technical resource.

Support Priorities

For AvidXchange Product issues we will provide response and resolution targets pursuant to the following criteria:

AvidXchange Obligations

With respect to the Services(s) for which AvidXchange is obligated to perform Support Services, AvidXchange will:

  • Provide 365 day knowledgebase access.
  • Provide AvidSuite Support access Monday – Friday, 8am to 8pm EST relating to the use of the Service (holidays excluded) with response time based on the severity of the issue as defined in the “Support Priorities” section listed above; Provide 99% Scheduled Uptime of all Service(s). Scheduled Uptime shall mean the hours of 8 AM to 11 PM ET, Monday through Friday, and 8 AM to 5 PM ET, Saturday through Sunday. Downtime scheduled with at least 48 hour notice to Customer or downtime outside of Scheduled Uptime will not be considered downtime.
  • Deliver all documents received through the AvidBill Network to Customer with an Average Response Time of twenty-four (24) hours. The Average Response Time is measured for all documents received within any calendar quarter, and is defined as (x) the sum of all elapsed time between document receipt by the AvidBill Network and its availability to Customer by (y) the total number of documents processed.
  • Make available to Customer new releases of the Service(s) from time to time as they become available; and,
  • Provide one (1) business day disaster recovery in the event of a catastrophic loss of AvidXchange’s ability to deliver the Service(s) from AvidXchange’s primary data center location.

Customer Obligations

With respect to Support Services provided by AvidXchange, Customer will:

  • Provide AvidXchange with all information determined reasonably necessary by AvidXchange to replicate and resolve any application problem encountered;
  • Provide AvidXchange with remote access to Customer’s computer system and environment as necessary for diagnostic purposes.
  • In the event AvidXchange must travel to Customer’s facility, or a user’s facility in order to resolve a problem, provide AvidXchange with reasonable access to and reasonable use of information and facilities determined reasonably necessary by AvidXchange to replicate and resolve any application problem encountered;
  • Maintain the release level of third-party products required for operation of the Service(s) as approved for use by AvidXchange; and,
  • Operate the Service(s) on a computer system with Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0 or as modified from time to time and any updates thereto (provided that all such requirements shall be reasonable and consistent with generally accepted industry standards).
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