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AvidXchange Purchasing Card

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What's Inside

The AvidXchange Purchasing Card gives you more control over Travel and Expenses (T&E), while also lowering administrative costs to oversee the process. How? By increasing visibility into spending, and providing detailed and actionable reporting.


Benefits of using the AvidXchange Purchasing Card:

  • Industry-Leading Solution – A one-card solution with universal MasterCard acceptance at over 38 million locations for purchasing and T&E
  • Mobile-Friendly – Online and mobile app program administration and card maintenance
  • MasterCard Expense Management Tool – Access to easy online reporting, tracking, and monitoring tools that enhance decision-making by analyzing spending patterns
  • Simplify Your Processes – Faster transactions with set customized purchasing restrictions
  • Effective, comprehensive controls on cardholder or project needs
  • Reduce Costs and Generate $$ with Rebate – Limit expenses by removing or adjusting available funds as needed
  • Improve Control – Generate customized spending alerts if cardholder or project exceeds limits
  • Increase Protection – Reduce liability from employee misuse with MasterCoverage insurance
  • Easy Implementation – Get up and running on the solution in 45 days, or less