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AvidXchange Create-A-Check ePay 16

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Download our AvidXchange Create-A-Check ePay 16 product sheet!

AvidXchange Create-A-Check ePay 16 product sheet

What's Inside

Our clients typically convert 35-45% of their checks to e-payments by utilizing the AvidPay Network. You can reduce your overall payment process costs by 60% or more, eliminating the cost and labor needed to print, sign, or mail checks.


• Increase control with 24/7 visibility into your vendor payments
• Multi-level payment approval process increases overall visibility of your spend
• AvidPay is hosted in the cloud, allowing you to approve payments anytime anywhere
• Improve fraud control on 100% of your payments with more secure electronic methods and Positive Pay files produced for all check payments sent to the Network
• Vendor services teams work with your vendors to identify their accepted payment types
• Payment service teams ensure all payments have been received and provide vendor support
• Easy reconciliation because your accounting system continues to be the system of record