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We’re here for you during Hurricane Irma.

There are times when there are words, and then there are times when no words will do and only action will suffice. The last couple of weeks have respectfully demanded the latter. The AvidXchange community has been deeply impacted, and our hearts and our hands have feverishly moved to support our customers and our employees. We appreciate your patience as we are working to keep things operating as smoothly as possible.

We are pleased to share that our operations in Texas are back up and running, and that our invoice and payment processes are back in action. With heavy hearts, we are now faced with Hurricane Irma. As of today, we do not know the impact of the storm, because no one does. However, we want you to know that we are taking every proactive measure that we can to ensure that we can support you. While we are operationally battening down the hatches, the postal service may be affected, which means that invoices and payments that are received or paid by us in a manner that is dependent on the postal service will be impacted. Additionally, our headquarters is in Charlotte, North Carolina. Currently, the Queen City looks like it could take a major hit. Just as you are trying to maintain the safety of your employees and families, we are doing the same.

Know that we are taking action. In saying this, we ask for your patience as we respond to the inquiries that are coming in to our support team. Due to the storm, we will be prioritizing our support calls to care for critical matters first. We believe that every support issue is important, and we will respond to you just as soon as we can.

We will continue to update this site with more information as it becomes available.