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Software Property Managers Must Build Into 2019’s Budget

October 12, 2018

Property managers are always looking for new tools and strategies to improve profits while cutting costs. They’re still tasked with juggling multiple properties, maintenance, and budgets and most property managers lack the right technology to handle it all. According to the recent State of Property Management report, in the coming decade, the property management industry


The State of ePayables in Real Estate

September 17, 2018

Over the past two years, the real estate industry has evolved beyond maintaining portfolios and properties. Associations and property management organizations alike are focused on growing portfolios and revenue to keep up with demand for more commercial and residential properties. Every process and payment comes at a price, however. Property managers are juggling the cost


Top 3 Reasons Automation is Critical for Property Management

September 5, 2018

The property management industry is struggling to find the solution to everyday property problems. Juggling transactions, financial statements, accounts receivables, and more isn’t easy. But, the accounts payable cycle is the process that causes the most pain, especially for AP managers. Countless responsibilities make it nearly impossible to optimize the payable process that’s wasting valuable


Construction Technology: The Generational Divide

August 20, 2018

The construction industry is facing what many describe as its most significant obstacle—a critical shortage of skilled labor—at a time when demand is booming. Factors including a scarcity of trade workers, widening generational differences, and the imminent retirement of a vast number of experienced professionals creates unprecedented challenges for the industry. According to the Associated General


Going Mobile with Accounts Payable Automation for Construction

August 9, 2018

Day-to-day changes in construction technology may not be apparent to people outside the industry, but those who spend their days on the job site know precisely how these innovations are changing the field. Best-in-class construction companies are at the forefront of the technology revolution and are poised to see significant improvements in 2019. Accounts payable


6 Software Features That Could Benefit Your Nonprofit

April 26, 2018

Nonprofit organizations face unique technology challenges. With the average nonprofit operating on an extremely tight budget, it’s essential that any software solution address multiple needs whenever possible. In a time when the tech world seems to be dominated by a handful of giants, it can be too easy to forget that plenty of smaller competitors


Interview: Before and After Accounts Payable Automation with Bill Gilbert

September 6, 2017

AvidXchange wants to make sure that you not only survive – but thrive – during your year-end closing process. That’s why we’ve organized a panel of financial thought-leaders and AvidXchange customers to share their personal best practices for a successful year-end closing. This live event, Tips & Tricks to Prepare for Year-End Close, will take


Nonprofit Partners: Online Donation Forms – 7 Ways to Impress (and Retain) Donors

July 19, 2017

AvidXchange, a leading fintech provider of accounts payable and payment automation for midsize companies, has many customers in the nonprofit space. As such, we form strategic partnerships with organizations that work with nonprofits like @Pay, an express payment technology company that makes it easy to pay, give, or buy on a mobile device. For our