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What Does the NeXt Era Mean to You?

Over the last 20 years we’ve been on an incredible journey, and an integral part of our journey has been the addition of customers, team members, solutions, partners, and culture from EnergySolve, Piracle, and Strongroom.

Each brand has been carefully woven into the AvidXchange brand, and we are pleased to move forward with one unified presence giving our customers, partners, and employees access to more resources and solutions than ever before. In The neXt Era, we look forward to giving our customers more resources, better support, and new ways to revolutionize the way they do business. To celebrate this first step into a bigger world, we asked our employees what the neXt Era means to them.

“To me, it means that we are making an outward expression to the world that we are all one united team. As an employee, I work cross-functionally with different members of the organization, so I have a firsthand look at how we are unified as a company for the common goal of customer satisfaction. But now, being able to show our clients that we are one company — one brand — with one goal is really exciting.”

“As we continue to help customers and grow as a business, there are many opportunities to raise your hand as an employee and help out where there is a need. This is exciting because you have the chance to work with different leaders, departments, and products, which ultimately helps you grow as a professional.” — Nicholas Tyson, Account Manager.

“We can now present a united front to our customers and prospects. We’re one company that offers a full suite of solutions to help companies become more efficient. I like the emphasis that we as an organization are putting on becoming more efficient as well.”

“We’re evaluating all the processes and procedures we have in place and are identifying areas where we can streamline workflows and simplify things, which should help us scale much quicker.” — Lynn Shimada, Vice President of Product Offerings.

“By unifying our brand, we’re letting customers know that we’re not sitting still, but rather we’re changing, growing, and striving to be better and greater than before! In The neXt Era, we’ll be able to provide even greater customer service and support as we continue to evolve and become more efficient.”

“After seeing how AvidXchange has revitalized the Music Factory area, I’m excited to see how we continue to shape and grow the communities we work in. I am thrilled to be able to associate myself with this company, these people, and have the opportunity to grow with them.” — Krysti Currie, APS Operations Compliance Analyst.

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