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woman working in warehouse

Everything To Know About the AvidXchange Supplier Network

The AvidXchange Supplier Network helps businesses get paid as quickly and securely as possible, offering real-time visibility into payment status

real estate technology

How Real Estate Companies Are Using Technology Post-COVID

Centralized automation technologies can help improve efficiencies and visibility as real estate and property management companies struggle to do more with less.

How to prevent inaccurate payments

B2B Payment Challenges: Inaccurate Payments

At the start of 2020, two owners of a Florida property management company, Tracy and John, grappled with inaccurate payments. …

Main pointing to computer screen

Breaking Down the Time-Saving Benefits of Accounts Payable Automation

One of the biggest benefits of accounts payable automation is its ability to save your team time. In fact, Goldman …

Payment processing

Straight Through Processing: How STP & Automated Payments Help Drive Growth for Business Owners

As a business owner, you likely experience some headaches when it comes to managing payments and cash flow. Luckily, Straight …

Vendor payments & AP Automation

Vendor Payments & AP Automation: 5 Unacceptable Myths Holding You Back from Faster, More Reliable B2B Payments

You may have noticed several new methods for vendor payments in your role as a business owner. Your customers might …

Bill Payment Software -- man at laptop

Bill Payment Software: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Tired of spending too much time chasing down people to approve paper invoices? Burdened with too many paper checks, invoices …

Young woman discusses AP automation solutions during meeting

Will Accounting Be Automated and Replace Your Job? Here’s Why There’s No Need to Worry

If you’re an accountant, you may be concerned that accounting will be automated and could replace some of the work …

Close up of a group of workers working in a warehouse, used by AvidXchange for article about how automation supports supplier payments in times of crisis

How Automation Supports Supplier Payments During Times of Crisis

As businesses continue to grasp this new normal, adapting to operating remotely has brought to light the inefficiency of many …

Close up of hands typing on laptop, used by AvidXchange for article about benefits of electronic invoicing and payments

5 Game-Changing Benefits of Moving to 100% Electronic Invoicing and Payments

Electronic invoicing (e-invoicing) and payments (e-payments) are shifting from the “nice-to-have” to “need-it-now” list for many companies. Because manual, paper-based …

Middle aged woman sitting at a table reading using a tablet computer, holding a cup, front view, used by AvidXchange for article about how accounts payable automation helps bolster business continuity plans

Business Continuity: 6 Ways Accounts Payable Automation Can Bolster Your Company’s Plans

As more and more companies think about business continuity plans, leaders are focusing on how to maintain processes that are …

Electronic payment systems

EFT Payments – The Guide to Electronic Fund Transfers

Today, commerce is relying more and more on electronic communications to handle financial transactions efficiently and affordably. For this, businesses …

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