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hand shake over contract documents

Vendor Management: 5 Steps Smooth the Process

Adopting vendor management best practices will help you forge a stronger bond with your suppliers.

Businesswoman reviewing an electronic invoice

PODCAST: How Modern Tech Empowers Today’s Suppliers 

AvidXchange is known for software that automates the accounts payable process. What you may not realize is that we have …

Middle market inflation impacts

PODCAST: Unpacking Inflation, Recession, Talent & Tech with Doug Farren of the National Center for the Middle Market

Representing one-third of the U.S. economy, the middle market is comprised of nearly 200,000 businesses that make between $10 million …

AP department discussing workflows

5 Ways AP Departments Can Help Offset Recession Impacts

Eye-opening survey data revealed 70% of middle market companies are revamping their budget over the next year with a focus …

construction site with crane

How to Increase Productivity Without Increasing Headcount

The construction industry has the potential to boost its value by an impressive $1.6 trillion, but companies also face mounting …

Colleagues listening during client presentation regarding AP automation solutions

3 Non-Negotiable Features of Truly Impactful AP Automation Solutions

You may be familiar with well-known basic benefits of accounts payable (AP) automation solutions: less paper, lower costs, more time …

Accounts payable professionals working together

SURVEY: Accounts Payable Professionals Are Unsatisfied, Searching for New Jobs

With the unemployment rate hovering at 3.6% and The Great Resignation still in full swing, finance departments are looking for …

Technology investments

Middle Market Continues Push for Technology Investments, Data Shows

We’re living in a complex business environment, adjusting from pandemic disruptions and dealing with newfound challenges, including a record-high labor …

REVx panel

Top-Performing CFOs Are Worried about Finding the Right Talent and Technology as Finance Jobs Evolve, Surveys Show

Finance jobs are changing and CFOs know it. How are they tackling talent and technology in 2022 as employees demand flexibility?

Accounts Payable Automation Technologies

4 Technologies Powering the Future of Accounts Payable Automation

A lot happens behind the scenes to power accounts payable automation. But there are four key technologies that are especially …

Three men looking at a laptop and discussing AP automation solutions

Breaking Down the Cost-Saving Benefits of AP Automation

If you’re here, you’re likely a finance pro interested in cost savings for your business. The good news? Automating your …

Man with earphones having conference call online sitting at home office with laptop.

3 Ways AP Automation Helps Protect Your Business

Your company has overcome countless disruptions in recent years and you’re undoubtedly better for it. Now it’s time to protect …

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