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joel wilhite

CFO Best Practices for 2023 and Beyond

CFO Joel Wilhite shares his top pieces of advice for fellow CFOs as they navigate the evolving corporate landscape.

Straight through processing review

CFOs Recognize Hybrid Work as ‘More Affordable’ Business Model, Survey Shows

The pandemic permanently shifted how and where we work. This has become clear as companies sell corporate office parks, reconfigure …

Accounts payable professional executes cross-border payments

The Complete Guide to Cross-Border Payments and AP Automation

Companies that pay suppliers abroad can leverage accounts payable (AP) automation to complete both domestic and cross-border payments in one …

HOA community

Survey Uncovers Top Priorities for HOA Management Firms

The homeowners association (HOA) and community association management (CAM) industry has seen significant changes since the start of the COVID-19 …

Financial Services Staffing Challenges

Financial Services Industry Faces a Hiring Crisis Amid Economic Uncertainty

Reuters reports that hiring in financial services has dropped considerably as banks and credit unions continue to struggle to find …

HOA and CAM Strategic Staffing

What HOAs and CAMs Need to Know About Staffing Challenges Amid Economic Uncertainty 

With rising inflation and economic uncertainty, there’s heavy pressure on homeowner associations (HOAs) and community association management (CAMs) teams to …

Construction Staffing Challenges

How to Offset the Construction Staffing Challenges with AP Automation  

By the end of 2025, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will have created 461,000 new construction jobs. That’s an …

Media Staffing Challenges

Technology Solutions for a Short-Staffed Media Industry Dealing With an Increase in Work

Despite the economic downturn, the media industry remains red hot and is expected to see another stellar, record-breaking year.   As …

Real Estate Staffing Challenges

How the Commercial Real Estate Industry Can Respond to Staffing Shortages

As the commercial real estate (CRE) industry bounces back from the pandemic, a new set of challenges rears its head.   …

B2B payments technology

How to Reduce B2B Late Payments

As a finance professional you may be aware of one of the industry’s biggest problems: late payments.   The costs of …

How to prevent inaccurate payments

B2B Payment Challenges: Inaccurate Payments

At the start of 2020, two owners of a Florida property management company, Tracy and John, grappled with inaccurate payments. …

Main pointing to computer screen

Breaking Down the Time-Saving Benefits of Accounts Payable Automation

One of the biggest benefits of accounts payable automation is its ability to save your team time. In fact, Goldman …

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