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large stack of papers with magnifying glass

Building a Business Case for AP Automation with NetSuite

AP automation is no longer the latest trend for finance departments—it’s the norm. Over the past few years, automated solutions …

business man hands holding pen writing on papers

How to Make or Break Your Invoice Approval Process

The dreaded antiquated approvals process. It’s filled with a seemingly never-ending paper trail and many hours spent handling each approval …

Woman with paper check

The Risks of Paper Payments

It takes plenty of patience to deal with paper-based accounts payable processes, especially when paying vendors with paper checks, and …

conference table with stack of papers on it

4 Red Flags That Your Accounts Payable System Is a Sinking Ship

As much as fintech has evolved, finance departments are still chasing paper to manage accounts payable systems. Why? For some, …

multiple large stacks of paper on a desk

4 Reasons You Need a Paper-Free Accounts Payable Process

We all know that the accounts payable process isn’t a straight and narrow path. Several small steps can make a …

invoice processing

How Manual Invoice Processing Adds Hours and Headaches

It’s sad but true – most businesses are still stuck in the past with piles of printed invoices scattered throughout …

professional male looking at laptop screen holding financial papers

7 Ways to Save Your Accounts Payable Process

Without even realizing it, many businesses are driving up costs in the very department that impacts their bottom line the …

credit cards and paper invoices

The Accounts Payable Task That Drains the Day

Let’s face it, the workday is filled with meetings, emails, and countless tasks. It’s nearly impossible to find time to …

Accounts payable processes

How to Fight Accounts Payable Fraud

Accounts payable fraud is a major problem. Scammers are moving rapidly to cash in big bucks. They’re taking advantage of …

Bill Schiffli

Interview: Year-End Best Practices in a Paper-Based Process with Bill Schiffli

AvidXchange wants to make sure that you not only survive – but thrive – during your year-end closing process. That’s …

Bill Gilbert headshot

Customer Interview: Before and After Accounts Payable Automation with Bill Gilbert

AvidXchange wants to make sure that you not only survive – but thrive – during your year-end closing process. That’s …

JP Nichols headshot

An Interview with JP Nicols on the Changing Role of the CFO

JP Nicols is a leading voice for innovation, strategy, and leadership in the financial technology (FinTech) industry. He is also …

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