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Man and woman talking inside an office building.

3 Ways Real Estate Finance Leaders Can Win the Talent Battle 

To attract and retain real estate talent, leaders should understand the challenges finance professionals face, learn what they want out of their careers and invest in the tools they need to succeed and grow.

Two women working at desk

Key Insights to Attract & Retain CAM Finance Talent

That’s why driving employee engagement and making your company competitive in the community association management labor market is more important than ever.

Raw materials being prepared for construction

Construction Finance Leaders’ Playbook to Win the Talent Battle

Retaining talent and driving employee engagement in the construction industry is more important than ever.

woman in front of wipe board

Why K-12 Schools Need Financial Automation Now

AvidXchange is now integrated with MIP Fund Accounting to bring financial automation to K-12 schools as staff struggle to do more with less.

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6 Nonprofit Trends Impacting Organizations in 2023

In this piece, we’ll share the top six trends our nonprofit experts have witnessed in the field. We’ll also address how automating financial operations can help nonprofits stay on top of related challenges.

Finance women in an office

4 Career Tips for Women in Finance

To recognize Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, AvidXchange hosted a digital event featuring a panel discussion of female leaders.

3 Types of Data Accounts Payable Departments Should Analyze

Accounts payable (AP) reporting allows companies to track and report business expenses and maintain accurate financial records. An analytics tool …

Straight through processing review

CFOs Recognize Hybrid Work as ‘More Affordable’ Business Model, Survey Shows

The pandemic permanently shifted how and where we work. This has become clear as companies sell corporate office parks, reconfigure …

Real Estate Technology

3 Things to Know about AvidXchange and ResMan Integration

When using an accounts payable (AP) automation system, it’s important to find a solution that integrates with your existing technology. …

Construction Navigating a Recession

How AP Automation Can Help Construction Firms Prepare for a Potential Recession

Navigating economic uncertainty is challenging, especially as the construction industry is still adjusting to a new normal from previous downturns. …

Benefits of AP automation

5 Benefits of Accounts Payable (AP) Automation

Accounts payable (AP) automation is a technology solution that accounting teams use to convert paper invoices into a digital format …

HOA Recession Preperation

How are AP Departments within Homeowners Associations Responding to a Potential Recession?

A possible recession has businesses on edge as many are reevaluating costs and priorities in preparation for an uncertain future. …

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