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AvidXchange in Salt Lake City: An Interview with Dan Parker

Serving more than 5,500 clients throughout North America, AvidXchange is an industry leader in automating invoice and payment processes for mid-market companies. By now you’ve heard all about our 200,000 sq ft, six-story corporate headquarters under construction in Charlotte, but did you know we have several regional offices as well? You don’t have to live in the Queen City to take advantage of the amazing culture AvidXchange provides. We’re also located in Somerset, New Jersey, Houston, Texas, and Salt Lake City, Utah.

In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at what it’s like to work for AvidXchange in Salt Lake City and get to know Dan Parker, Product Marketing Manager. Not your average marketer, Dan has a master’s degree in organic chemistry and an MBA from the University of Utah.

A master’s degree in chemistry is a rather odd accomplishment for a marketing manager!

“I worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 10 years. This endeavor sharpened my analytical skills by allowing me to work on highly complex problems focused on improving overall synthetic processes and developing unique compounds for anti-cancer therapies. I enjoyed my time as a chemist but was interested in learning more of the business strategy and decisions being made outside the lab that ultimately dictated the overall direction of the companies I was involved with.

While working in the lab, I began the MBA program at the University of Utah. I completed the program with a fresh perspective, a keen interest in consumer behaviors, and a new tool set to tackle problems previously outside of my skill set.”

How long have you been with AvidXchange? What exactly do you do here?

“4 years! I started in 2012 as the Marketing Director for Piracle where  I was responsible for marketing-related functions like establishing and tracking sales and marketing analytics, communications and public relations, and the overall strategic direction of the company. Piracle allowed me the opportunity to rebrand and refocus a 25-year old Software organization and prepare it for an acquisition.

After Piracle was acquired by AvidXchange in 2014, I transitioned into the role of Product Marketing Manager. I am now tasked with the overall program strategy aimed at new customer acquisition and expanding AvidXchange’s new enhanced offerings into our current customer base. I work with the product team to determine how we can get the products they have worked so hard to develop into the hands of the people who would most benefit from those solutions. I also help to translate the features of that technology into tangible benefits that our sales and marketing organization can effectively parlay to the market.”

What do you enjoy most about working at AvidXchange?

“I like the pace at AvidXchange. Everything happens so quickly. We are always looking around the corner for what’s next. Everyone on the team is great at what they do, and we all push one another on a daily basis. I have learned so much here, and it still feels like I am at the bottom of the learning curve. Looking back at each quarter, it is hard to believe we accomplished all of that in just a few months. Truly remarkable.”

How long have you lived in Salt Lake City? What’s the vibe like?

“I’ve been here 10 years. My love of the outdoors brought me here. I enjoy mountain biking, hiking, and snowboarding with family, and it’s great because I can do these things during the week around my flexible work schedule. Biking to work, hiking at lunchtime, or getting in a backcountry line before the day begins is all possible here.

Our office is five minutes from excellent trails and 20 minutes from world-class skiing. Last year, we held out Summer Fun Day at the Utah Olympic Park – a winter sports park built for the 2002 Winter Olympics – and it was a blast, if even the extreme tubing got a little crazy. Salt Lake City is an outdoor mecca, but we also have great free music in the summertime. As for the food, it was nothing to write home about five years ago, but the tech boom over the last few years has created demand for unique restaurants and nightlife spots.”

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