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AvidXchange in Houston: An Interview with Nicholas Tyson

Serving more than 5,500 clients throughout North America, AvidXchange is an industry leader in automating invoice and payment processes for midmarket companies. By now you’ve heard all about our 200,000 sq ft, six-story corporate headquarters under construction in Charlotte, but did you know we have several regional offices as well? You don’t have to live in the Queen City to take advantage of the amazing culture AvidXchange provides. We’re also located in Somerset, New Jersey, Houston, Texas, and Salt Lake City, Utah.

In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at what it’s like to work for AvidXchange in Houston and get to know Nicholas Tyson, Account Manager. The 25-year-old Houston native has a passion for volunteering, fitness, and food.

Tell me a little about yourself, Nicholas…

“I graduated from Lamar University with a Bachelor of Arts in General Studies. I chose this path because, like most high school graduates when I got to college, I didn’t know what field I wanted to go into, but I did know I enjoyed learning. Getting a General Studies degree allowed me to focus on three core subjects: Sociology, Communication, and Family & Consumer Sciences.

Early in my career, I sold insurance and SAAS (software as a service) solutions. Eventually, I stopped selling software and started implementing it, training end-users on how to use technology to transform their lives. That’s where I found my calling! I love speaking with clients, hearing their issues, and solving them.

In my personal life, I am happily married to a wonderful woman. We’ve been married for four years, but we’ve known each other forever. We actually met when we were 11, in our middle school cafeteria.”

How long have you been with AvidXchange? What exactly do you do here?

“I’ve been with AvidXchange for eight months, and it is the most exciting, fun, and rewarding company I have ever been a part of. I started in our Houston office, implementing the Strongroom Payables LockBox software. After a fast six months, I was promoted to Account Manager. This is a new role for this division and it combines everything that I am passionate about: helping customers solve their needs. I work with clients that have questions regarding software or processes. Additionally, I reach out to our clients to see how they are doing and ask for their feedback on what we can do better to serve them.”

And you’re involved with AvidFoundation? Can you tell me a little about that?

“It’s funny, my first manager at AvidXchange, Geremy Eiland, told me that I was partly hired because they knew I would be great at heading up AvidFoundation at our Houston office. He was right! It has been one of the many highlights of working with AvidXchange.

AvidFoundation focuses on helping children in the communities that we live in. Though my wife and I do not have kids at this time, I have a soft spot in my heart to help any child – in any way possible – become the best person they can be. I take a special interest in kids because there were mentors early in my life that took an interest in me and shaped me into the person I am today. In Houston, I coordinate with a local food bank to make lunches and dinners for children that need food. We want to put together more fundraisers throughout the years to come to help local schools.”

What do you enjoy most about working at AvidXchange?

“Hands down, it’s the positive culture. Every person that I meet here is so easy to work with and genuinely wants to help make our customers happy and see the company grow. I had an opportunity to fly to Charlotte to visit the corporate office; it was amazing to see the same enjoyable and energetic culture there too.”

How long have you lived in Houston? What’s the vibe like?

“25 years! I was born and raised here Houston. Houston provides everything that someone would want in a city. Good food, sports, and friendly people. Our office is located in Midtown Houston, surrounded by some of the best restaurants in the city, as well as major sports arenas. It is not uncommon for some of the team members to leave after work to go to see the Houston Rockets or Astros play, or grab amazing TexMex and BBQ across the street. We frequently have debates about the best BBQ in town!

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