AvidXchange Helps Hotel Operator Save 37 Hours Each Week, Cut Processing Time by 80 Percent

“Within a four-month period back in late 2014, we doubled in size,” says Brian Murphy, Director of J.D. Edwards Business Services at Island Hospitality. “Our accounts payable (AP) department, already bogged down by time-consuming, manual tasks, was overloaded by the sheer number of additional invoices. We needed a transformation.” Island Hospitality is one of the

Where CFOs Might Spend More Time: How About Strategy, Automation and Data Analytics?

You now have a unique opportunity as a chief financial officer (CFO) to rebuild your business and accelerate growth by making adjustments to financing, strategy, cash flow and technology use. But where should you focus most of your attention? To help you make this decision, consider this big picture perspective from an Accenture survey summarized

Henderson Properties Cuts Payment Processing Time by 90% Using AvidXchange Strongroom

Morgan Hay, an accounts payable (AP) clerk with Henderson Properties, recalls her early days as an intern with the company. “What I remember was how labor intensive everything was,” she said. “We’d all be running around the office with printed invoices, trying to get approvals so we could cut checks. We would file everything to

In a Not “Business As Usual” Situation, Global Financial Investment Company Turns to AvidXchange to Automate Payments

A few months back, the accounting manager at a global investment firm found his company in a not so “business as usual” situation. He says many of his employees had to start working remotely from their homes because of the health crisis. But the company still had to process payments and invoices. It had been

What is AP Automation Software? What Does it Do? And How Does It Boost Your Business?

As a finance professional, you may be struggling with your manual accounts payable (AP) paper processes and questioning what to do about it. You may be tired of typing in data because it’s too tedious and inefficient. Maybe you’ve had enough of chasing down executives for invoice approvals because it’s soaking up precious time you

5 Smart Steps To AP Automation Success

As a finance professional, you may believe your company needs to invest in AP automation processes. But you may not be sure how to make this happen smoothly and effectively. Here are five smart steps to help you achieve this goal: Step One: Identify your objective Before you do anything else, you want to identify

7 Misconceptions Finance Pros Should No Longer Believe about Paper and Paperless Accounts Payable Automation

In this unprecedented year, businesses have had to make several of the most profound, time-sensitive and consequential decisions of their professional careers. They had to decide whether to close temporarily, pursue new markets, and invest in new technologies — to name just a few of many examples. From a financial standpoint, they have been deciding

Google Exec to Finance Pros: Now’s the Time to Try Something New – And No One Will Ask You Why

Now is the time for you as a finance professional to try something new – and no will ask you why. This is the belief of Quentin Hardy, head of editorial for Google Cloud and an expert guest on the August REVx at the Your Desk webinar. Feel liberated to explore new ways of doing

You Can Boost Your Business This Year Using This Accounts Payable Playbook

Despite everything that’s gone on this year – and you don’t need to be reminded – you have many exciting opportunities to boost your business and come out stronger. You can achieve this by taking smart steps to rebuild, improve and strengthen your business for long-term prosperity – starting now. Begin by focusing on streamlining

Will Accounting Be Automated and Replace Your Job? Here’s Why There’s No Need to Worry

young executive standing in front of colleagues seated at office table

If you’re an accountant, you may be concerned that accounting will be automated and could replace some of the work you do and skills you possess. But there’s no need to worry. You should actually be energized. As your business makes improvements to come out stronger in the post-crisis economy, you will have opportunities to