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A Day in the Life of an AvidXchange Intern

By Amanda Conrad, Marketing Intern

What is it like to be an intern for AvidXchange? To be completely honest, there isn’t any other place that I would rather be an intern. I’m being given an opportunity to learn all there is to know about the ap automation company, as well as getting to experience the overall sense of community the office has to offer. I started off this internship not knowing what to expect. Now, I’m almost halfway through the program, and I wake up every day full of excitement ready to go into AvidXchange and continue to create this brand for myself.

I came into the intern program for the Marketing Department at quite a busy time, as we just announced a massive partnership with MasterCard. I think that’s all I needed to realize I made a great decision on choosing this internship. Considering I had never been to a press conference before; it was cool to be able to put on a blue AvidXchange shirt and feel like a real AvidXer.

I think being an intern can be awkward at first because you’re the new guy and everyone knows it – especially when you are carrying four cappuccinos and, in a rush, spill them all over yourself! It’s nice to be at a place where I don’t feel annoying for asking questions, because I know this is a very pivotal time for kick-starting what my potential career could be. I am very grateful to be able to ask anyone here for help even if they are not in the Marketing Department.

I truly do appreciate being given the opportunity to be running AvidXchange’s Instagram efforts this summer. Social media is a huge part of a company’s success, and I’m glad I can help broaden our horizons through the app.  Not many people can say they are getting to experience their internship the way I get to!

I have been fortunate enough to meet some of the most genuine and intelligent interns as well. Since we all are here trying to create our own “brands” throughout this process, I asked a few questions to some of the interns throughout a few of the many departments.

I first asked Emily Marco, an intern for the Implementations team, “What do you do on a regular basis?” She responded by describing that the team starts the mornings off with a 15-minute huddle discussing what should be accomplished for the day.

Emily said she enjoys it because “everyone is on the same page.” She sits in on new hire meetings where she can learn more about the company and products. I then asked, “What have you gotten out of the internship thus far?” Getting the real-world experience and being able to ask for help when needed are the big two for Emily, as well as the overall sense of confidence she feels about accomplishing goals on her own.

Next, I chatted with Talia Daniel, who is an intern in the Payments Department. I asked her the same first question as Emily, and she said, “Every day I make payments.” Talia makes payments, researches invoices, and then cross references the invoices to companies with remittance details.

I asked Talia, “What have you gotten out of this internship this far?” She appreciates the professional relationships she has made with the clients. As well as learning more about the fintech industry, and seeing all of the behind-the-scenes action at AvidXchange.

Next, I headed over to the IT Department and had a discussion collectively with their team. “What do you do on a regular basis?” They all joined in and said, “Meetings, notes, and Nerf guns.” Not a bad deal if you ask me! Kunal Shah is working a process that can improve our integration with Salesforce. Edwin Dalrymple is aiding in defining service requirements for businesses and taking care of whatever they need.

Dajon Lacey is working with robotic process automation where he analyzes reports and documents as well as working on payment automation organization. Finally, Danni Nicholls is collaborating on a project concerning our partnership with MasterCard. She also works closely with the IT project manager, Laura Maschal, and assists her in various ways such as taking meeting notes. What have they gotten out of the internship? Well, all the incredible connections throughout the company, future career goals, and an overall love for the atmosphere AvidXchange exhibits.

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