Denise Leleux

Senior Vice President, Supplier Network

An inspiring leader with a passion for helping organizations solve large, complex customer experience problems, Denise joined us in 2018 as our Senior Vice President, Supplier Network.

Denise has built her career in customer experience and marketing management over two decades, serving in product, marketing, sales, account management, customer operations, and P&L roles. She has managed B2C and B2B portfolios for Citibank, Visa, Barclaycard UK, Capital One and First Data. During her time at eBay, she directed the launch of a global contact-optimization program that delivered over $20M in annualized cost savings. While at Barclay’s UK, she pioneered development of contactless payment in the United Kingdom, leading negotiations to add “tap-and-go” capabilities to the London Underground’s Oyster card.

Her 20+ years of direct leadership experience with teams as large as 6,000 has earned Denise well-deserved, award-winning recognition.