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Telecom Expense Management

AvidTelecom Expense Management: Technology and Expert Services

Telecom is one of the top five line item expenses in most companies and one of the hardest to control. Industry analysts assert Telecom Expense Management (TEM) solutions result in cost reductions and expense recoveries of 8% - 30% annually. Customers have realized significant telecommunications savings of up to 10% in the first year of deployment and over time become a tool people managing telecom assets cannot do without.

AvidTelecom automates Telecom Expense Management (TEM) with a patented Telecommunications Expense Management application.
  • Centralized – a single repository for wireline, wireless, data and equipment assets
  • Intelligent –  automatically audits inventory; identifies variances with intelligent, customizable business rules
  • Integrated – seamlessly integrates all telecom bills into AvidInvoice so you have a 360º view of all your bills
  • Specialized – benefit from telecom specific analytics and dashboards that track assets, monitor bills and manage telecom contracts

Why Telecom Expense Management?

  • Cost Savings – Reduce telecom spend, eliminate overcharges and reduce bill processing costs
  • Productivity – Free your staff from tedious bill reviews and processing
  • Scalability – Add lines and services without increasing staff 
  • Visibility – Centralized, up-to-date status with immediate 24/7access to all assets and history