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Rate & Tariff Analysis

Utility Rate & Tariff Analysis

Our comprehensive Rate & Tariff Analysis service provides a twelve month historical analysis of utility billings across all accounts. This twelve month snapshot identifies suspected utility billing errors and opportunities for on-going cost savings. We provide utility rate and tariff analysis identifying all areas of potential cost savings with go-forward recommendations and action plans.

The potential for savings are numerous, some examples routinely discovered in this analysis include:

  • Alternate utility rates, clauses, riders, and provisions
  • Off-tariff rates, special contracts and negotiated utility rates
  • Physical and arithmetic meter consolidations
  • Contract capacity increase/decrease
  • Power factor improvement
  • Voltage upgrades
  • Interruptible/curtailable rates and peak shaving
  • Tax reductions, incentives and credits/refunds
  • Third party commodity purchasing
  • Fuel switching
  • Least cost routing
  • Commodity hedging
  • Sewer outflow meter installation

You don’t have to be a utilities audit expert to get better utility rates, spot billing errors or develop cost saving strategies, AvidXchange Energy Information Services (EIS) has a team of experts at your disposal to do the leg work, analyze results and make sound recommendations to better manage your utilities spend.

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