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Automated Purchase Order Management


Purchasing Power

How do you handle your purchase orders today? It could be easier with AvidBuy. AvidBuy simplifies the purchasing process by eliminating paper purchase orders. When you transition to an automated purchase order management solution you get rid of the delays associated with paper processing and gain control over purchasing price and quantities.  Orders, terms, and conditions are all readily accessible and your purchase orders flow through your internal network. 

Key Benefits:

  • Controls Costs
  • Prevents Unnecessary Orders
  • Eliminates Purchases from Unapproved Vendors

When AvidBuy is used with AvidInvoice you have the ability to associate purchase orders with their respective invoices. This ensures that all payments are accurate and that you are only paying for goods and services that you have received, because a trusted member of your team will be able to easily match the documents in one location.