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AvidXchange for Office and Retail

The AvidXchange suite of services is the most complete automated invoice and bill pay solution available to manage invoices and tenant reporting for office and retail properties. Implemented by over 250 real estate companies to date, our office and retail property services are ideal for firms of all sizes. Automation lets you accurately process thousands of invoices in a third of the time you can process manually. Whether its utility bills, CAM reports or vendor inquiries, you can scale your AP process to meet the demands of your growing business without adding head count.

Full Featured Functionality without Complexity

Enjoy the performance, scalability and control that AvidXchange brings to your accounts payable process without a difficult or protracted implementation process. Fully configurable to meet almost any accounts payable need, our Office/Retail Edition offers a robust solution with rapid ROI.

Automated CAM Reporting

The days of hiring temps to sort through files and photocopy bills are over. AvidXchange for Office/Retail makes CAM reporting fast and easy providing tenants with up to date, on demand reports of CAM charges. We'll store your CAM pools so producing CAM reports will take minutes, instead of weeks or months.

Intelligent Workflow

Provide your real estate or property management organization with the right tools to automate your approval process. Email reminders, auto-coding and history tracking make approvals quick and easy without tying your staff to the office. With AvidXchange your approvers spend less time on paperwork and more time managing properties.

Electronic Capture & Storage 

All invoices are automatically stored in a centralized, searchable database so you can easily reconcile CAM invoices, quickly satisfy vendor requests and produce management reports on demand. AvidXchange for Office/Retail lets your AP team track the status of any invoice, anytime anywhere, giving you the ability to track critical metrics like approval cycle-times, approver productivity and month-end accruals.

No Late Fees; no Over Payment of Utilities

Our specialized utility invoice tracking and payment solution eliminates the most common reasons for late fees on utilities using a 6-step validation process and rules based payment engine. Know when bills are received, due and if they are missing; automatic tests for service overlap and spikes in usage alert you to over charges and potential vandalism in unoccupied properties.

Identify Fraud and Duplicate Invoices

Our proprietary fraud monitoring system uses algorithms to look for irregularities, verifies authorized vendors and looks for duplicate invoices before they enter your payables system.  Set up rules and alerts that notify you when a suspicious invoice is received so you act before it’s a problem.

Eliminate Paper from your AP Process

A paperless process reduces costs, data entry errors and improves productivity. You can dramatically reduce the time your staff spends handling invoices by eliminating data entry, copying, filing and mailing. AvidXchange customers have reduced their payment cycle from 45 days to as little as 3.

AvidXchange is the ideal solution to automate invoice and bill pay processing. Used by countless real estate and property management companies, AvidXchange lets you spend less time processing invoices for payment and more time satisfying tenants and growing your business.