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Implementation Options

AvidXchange Implementation Services

Our Implementation Services team operates like a precision machine!  We have fine-tuned our processes and have a proven track record of providing clients with on time, successful implementations.  When you automate your bill pay process, you get dedicated professionals that assist you every step of the way. 

Dedicated Resources

  • A Project Manager is assigned as your primary point of contact to oversee your implementation, answer any questions and coordinate all AvidXchange project resources
  • Project Specialists work with you in their area of expertise, ranging from initial configuration to accounting system integration 

Comprehensive Project Plan

  • A detailed project timeline specifying milestones and due dates to keep your implementation on track and meet your Go Live goal
  • Real-time access to your project status via the internet

Hands-On Configuration

  • One-on-one  sessions with a Project Specialist to configure our application to meet the needs of your organization
  • Simultaneously review and receive consulting on your internal business processes while learning the ins and outs of administering an automated process

Specialized Accounting System Integrations

  • An experienced team uses standardized integrations that simplify and streamline integration with your accounting system(s)
  • Able to customize file mappings and accommodate multiple file types

Complete Testing & Training Instructions

  • Step-by-step testing instructions to give you complete confidence in your implementation 
  • Training materials for System Administrators and end-users including documents and how-to videos

Ask an AvidXchange Sales Representative about our 45 day implementation guarantee!  800.560.9305 or

Revolutionize the way you pay your bills in 45 days or less!