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Electronic Invoicing

Electronic Invoicing

Vendors: Interested in saving time, money and expediting your receipt of payments?

Current and Future AvidXchange Clients: Interested in discovering untapped cost savings and expediting your approval process?

Invoice electronically with AvidXchange!

Vendors and AvidXchange Clients alike experience immediate cost and time saving benefits so you can spend that extra time and money on other tasks. Everyone wins!

Vendor Benefits:

  • Immediate cost savings – no more paper, printing, labor (data entry) or postage expenses
  • Timely payments – offer early payment discount opportunities
  • Instantaneous invoice delivery – direct submission into pre-configured approval workflows
  • Increased data accuracy – secure system-to-system, or ‘no touch’ invoicing, eliminates human error

AvidXchange Client Benefits:

  • Cost savings – receive invoices without delay to take advantage of early payment discounts
  • Immediate operational efficiency – no paper, printing, storage, interoffice mailing or tracking costs
  • Faster AP processing cycles – with 24/7/365 web access to invoices, approval timeframes average 3 days with even the most complex workflows
  • Zero data entry errors – data is received directly from the vendor and is automatically submitted into workflow

How it Works

Connecting electronically with AvidXchange takes you from this:

Electronic Invoicing Pre API Process


To this:

Electronic Invoice Post API Process


Getting Started

We’d be thrilled to work with you! Click here to get started: Supplier Registration!

For additional questions, email us at and a member of the AvidXchange Vendor Integrations team will respond immediately. To expedite your request, be sure to include important details such as your:

  • Company Name & Business Type
  • Contact Name, Title, Email & Phone
  • If available, please also include your:
    • Current integrated invoicing capabilities
    • Connectivity capabilities (AS2, FTP, SFTP, FTPS, VAN, other)
    • EDIFACT and/or any other integration documentation

We look forward to hearing from you!


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