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CPU Analysis

Request a Free Cost Per Utility Benchmark Analysis

Most businesses don’t know how much it costs to process their utility bills for payment; many pay as much as $14 per bill. Knowing your average cost per utility (CPU) is a key data point in understanding the benefits of outsourcing utility bill payment processing. We have saved companies as much as 60% by processing their utility bills. AvidXchange can significantly reduce CPU, completely eliminate the associated labor and simplify benchmarking and ENERGY STAR tracking. All this and a “No Late Fees” guarantee.   

We will provide you with a free utility cost analysis to determine if outsourcing your utility payments is right for you. To request your free Cost per Utility (CPU) analysis: fill-out this contact form, call us at 800.560.9305 or email us at An AvidXchange Sales Representative will promptly assist you with a free CPU analysis.

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