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Automated Contract Management

AvidContract - Online Contract Tracking

Consolidate, monitor and capture vendor-related contracts with the AvidContract management software solution. Electronic contracts eliminate looking for lost or misplaced contracts speeding up the approval process and reducing the risk of exceeding budgeted spending limits; automatic alerts notify you when you have reached contract limits. Specialized contract reporting gives you greater visibility into your purchasing agreements and increases control of spending limits.

  • Automate matching invoices to vendor contracts
  • Tie payment approval to contract spending limits
  • Activate alerts to notify imminence of key events and milestones
  • Confirm spending activities comply with negotiated terms

Specialized Contract Reporting Features

Increase visibility and your ability to proactively manage contracts and agreements with sophisticated reports and reporting tools.

  • User-defined notification of pending contract expiration dates
  • Notify when liability or workers compensation policies are due to expire
  • List all invoices associated to a specified contract within user defined date range and aggregate invoice totals
  • Subscribe to reports based on authorization and access level policies
  • Export report data to spreadsheet software for further analysis and processes  

 With a couple of keystrokes call up a contract electronically, as an image view of the original contract or using a number of standard report formats delivered with the solution.

Your staff has anytime, anywhere access to view and update contracts.