Company Overview

The AvidXchange Brand Promise

How Do We Define Revolutionary?

  • Easy to Implement - 45 Day Guarantee
  • Easy to Use - Fanatical Service and Unlimited Support
  • Innovative Products - 6+ Releases Annually
  • 100% Elimination of Paper (Invoices & Checks)

5 Key Activities We Measure:

  • 100% Uptime, Fast System Performance, Zero Defect Methodology
  • Implementation Timeframe - 45 Days
  • Fanatical Service - 15 Minute Support Response
  • Elimination of Utility Late Fees
  • ePayment Adoption with Increased Fraud Protection on 100% of Payments

Our Customer Commitment:

We commit to making you successful with our products and services, or we will adjust your payments until your issue is resolved and success is restored.

The 7 Core Principles We Live By:

  • Be Passionate about Client Success
  • Win as a Team
  • Under Promise and Over Deliver
  • Practice Financial Discipline
  • Play to our Strengths
  • Be Sticky
  • Have a Blast