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Company Overview

AvidXchange's DNA

The Ten Principals that Define Our Customer-Focused DNA

1. Focus on Four Strategic Focus Areas

   (People, Strategy, Execution, Cash)


2. Living Our Seven Core Values


3. Believing We Can Achieve Our BHAG


4. Evangelizing Our Brand Promise


5. Communication Rhythm & Style


6. Rapid Development & Product Release Methodology


7. Quest for Learning


8. Responsibility for Innovation


9. Support for Our Community


10. Team Members Inspiring Culture Loyalty - Making it contagious


Our 7 Core Values:

1. Be Passionate About Client Success


2. Win as a Team


3. Under Promise and Over Deliver


4. Practice Financial Discipline


5. Play to Our Strengths


6. Be Sticky


7. Have a Blast


How Do We Define Revolutionary?

  • Easy to Implement - 45 Day Guarantee

  • Easy to Use - Fanatical Service and Unlimited Support

  • Innovative Products

  • Full-Service Accounts Payable Automation

Our Customer Commitment:

"We commit to making you successful with our products and services, or we will adjust your payments until your issue is resolved and success is restored."