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Automated Bill Payment

AvidPay - Every Invoice, Every Vendor, Every Bank

Did you know that 48% of payment fraud is tracked back to paying with paper checks? You can significantly reduce your exposure to fraud by moving to an automatic electronic payment service. It’s relatively simple and does not impact your staff or payment process. You continue to make bill payments in your accounting system like you do today, but you never have to print, sign, stuff or mail printed checks again. There is no change to your existing bank accounts or relationships and you have immediate access to real-time payment status.

How does this work for an AvidXchange customer:

  • Eliminate Printing, Paper Checks, Postage and Fraud Costs
  • Works with Your Existing Bank Accounts
  • Process One File for All Payments
  • Eliminates the Need to Manage Vendor Payment Information
  • Real-time Access to Payment Status

To further revolutionize the way your company pays its bills, AvidXchange is pleased to introduce the AvidPay-Card!

AvidPay-Card complements our AvidPay offering, and enables you to have more control over and visibility into T&E, MRO, and POS expenses. AvidPay will work with your existing p-card program, but if your company has an initiative to begin a p-card program then AvidPay-Card is your ideal solution. Here’s why:

  • AvidPay-Card caters to the midsize market, because our program does not have a threshold or complex program in order to receive rebates. AvidPay-Card users will receive rebates on every qualified transaction.
  • AvidPay-Card works seamlessly with AvidInvoice, data can be imported and processed at either the transaction or statement level…it’s your choice.
  • AvidPay-Card comes with complimentary software that will enable expanded, customized control features superior to standard programs.
  • AvidPay-Card is user-friendly and integrated; making the transition to the payment card program simple.

Discover the ease of ePayments with AvidPay.

Revolutionize the way you pay your bills in 45 days or less!